Fundamental needs

By Galina Yanchova

Our most basic need is for physical survival, and this will be the first thing that motivates our behaviour.

What is the one thing that we are reliant on to survive?

This is Oxygen!

Of course, there are many other things we constantly need, however, the most basic of them all, is oxygen. You can survive for a few days without water, food and shelter. But you cannot survive more than a few minutes without oxygen.

If physiological needs such as air, food, drink, shelter, clothing, warmth, sex, sleep are not satisfied, the human body cannot function optimally.

When things get really tough in life, we have this deep urge to cut everything back to the basics.

And when a deficit need has been ‘more or less’ satisfied it will go away, and our activities become habitually directed towards meeting the next set of needs that we have yet to satisfy.

Our emotional wellbeing is also constantly reliant on another form of oxygen. And it is our knowing that we are worthy, that we are invaluable and indispensable.

And so, the clearer we are that our individual existence has a purpose which cannot be fulfilled by another, demonstrating our worthiness, the better we can step into our responsibility in fulfilling this purpose.

A lack of clarity about our worthiness, make us weaker, this affecting our determination, resilience, drive and purpose. It leaves us weak in our performance, affecting our focus, energy and it also leads to all different forms of emotional unhealthiness…

We need awareness!

According to Lewis awareness of the existential self begins as young as two to three months old and arises in part due to the relation the child has with the world. 

In early childhood, the categories children apply to themselves are very concrete as hair colour, height and favourite things. Later, self-description also begins to include a reference to internal psychological traits, comparative evaluations and to how others see them…

Some people think that we live our lives from the outside in. But the truth is that our life starts from the inside out!

As well is the path to seek out awareness of our worthiness. We can seek our worthiness from within or we can seek our worthiness from without. When we seek our worthiness from within and become aware of our value, we become emotionally healthy and strong. When we seek worthiness from without, we depend on the people, things and circumstances around us to tell us that we are worthy and so, we become dependent on them all.

This is very essential: We must feel a sense of worthiness because our emotional survival depends on it!

The more our worthiness comes from a healthy place which is within, the healthier we become.

Now you may ask: Where do I get my self-worth from?

One easy way of seeing where we get our self-worth from is by observing our actions, our words and our thoughts. You can begin with your actions. As: Is more of my life acting or reacting? When I’m part of a group discussion do I put out my opinion or do I react to others opinions? …

Do you live life safely by always living in reaction instead of action, living from without instead of beginning within? Or you live life in the place you are created to be?

Growth does not need to stem from a lack of something, but rather from a desire to grow as a person.

Published by Galya

I am passionate, honest, sincere, growing and developing, loving, caring. I am loyal. I am persistent, diligent. I am fun but not perfect :-)

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