Self Confidence

By Galina Yanchova

I have a confession to make: before decades I wasn’t confident at all! I was the shy person in my family, I could even cry because of shyness.

Can you imagine how hard it was for me? Thank goodness that after my twenties I began to work on me and I became the freest person in family.

Research has shown that self-confidence is linked to almost everything we want in life.

  • Success at work
  • Secure relationships
  • A positive sense of self
  • Happiness etc.

But what is self-confidence and why does it appear to be so mysterious? Why does it seem like other people have it and we don’t?

Psychologists say that low self-confidence is a common denominator regardless of the problem people come in for.

Confidence comes from a Latin word fidere’ which means “to trust”; therefore, having self-confidence is having trust in one’s self.

Selfconfident people don’t doubt themselves.

Confidence is believing in yourself, feeling comfortable in your true-self, knowing you have worth.

My clients typically say: ” I don’t feel confident, so I couldn’t possibly…”

Can You relate? Not many of us are told how confidence truly works.

We get it wrong: We believe we have to wait until we feel confident before we can act confidently.

Aren’t you tired to be afraid, and to be invisible ?…

Are you willing to examine what’s really important to you, identifying the values closest to your heart so that you can make an action plan that aligns with who you want to be?

Then you will be envisioning a life where self-doubt doesn’t hold you back from advancing in your career, setting a good example for your kids, facing conflict, building strong relationships or making a difference in your community.

Don’t you want to learn and help yourself get out of your own way and be the best version of yourself?

If you want to learn the truth about confidence: What is it? Where it comes from, and how to master the rules of the confidence game? Go and buy the program I created for you!

No matter your personality or circumstances, this program will show you how to move from passivity to actively pursue your goals. The program contains valuable exercises and includes highly practical action items.

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I am so excited to hear from you and I wish you well on this journey!

Published by Galya

I am passionate, honest, sincere, growing and developing, loving, caring. I am loyal. I am persistent, diligent. I am fun but not perfect :-)

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