Noise Reduction

What can we do about it?

Noise is more than just a mere distortion in that it blocks out the very signals that can point us towards positive growth.

In order to reduce noise, we need to do three things:

1 Stop Our Noise

The world is a huge noisemaker. It throws billions and billions of bits of information at us per second. While our senses can receive a lot of that data, our conscious brains can only process about 40 bits per second. From this possibility, we choose which infinitesimal slice of data we wish to perceive, from which we construct our versions of reality.

The more negative information we take in, the less positive signal we can hear, and vice versa.

When we listen to gossip and negative judgments, when we listen to the news, Facebook, etc., we are using up that tiny little bandwidth of reality. If we can only utilize 40 bits per second, what do we really want to use them for?

Studies in positive psychology and neuroscience have demonstrated that even a 5 per cent reduction in noise significantly improves our chances of picking up positive signals.

2 Cancel the Internal Noise

It’s not just the noise that’s “out there.” Have you listened to your own thoughts lately? You know that “voice”—the one that wears you down with its constant pessimism, self-doubt and negativity. It’s even more harmful than external noise. The effect of this voice is that it has the potential to kill our positive potential. We all know about the concept of a self-fulfilling prophecy…

Learning strategies for reducing this internal noise, therefore, is critically important and will result in huge payoffs in all areas of your life.

3. Recognise the Signal

The signal is information that is true and reliable and alerts you to the opportunities, possibilities, and resources that will help you reach your fullest potential.

Anger disconnects people, and so they yell to be heard “over the distance.” Love, on the other hand, brings us close—so close that the barest whisper is loud enough for us to hear the words of our beloved. The “small thin sound” is all around us and even within us.

Learn to distinguish between “noise” and “signal.” Understand that destructive noise shows the negative, dark the positive and kills your potential.

Stop the noise as much as you can! Choose your inner thoughts! Quiet your brain and your soul!

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Published by Galya

I am passionate, honest, sincere, growing and developing, loving, caring. I am loyal. I am persistent, diligent. I am fun but not perfect :-)

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