What are life skills?

By Galina Yanchova

A skill that is necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life.

Life skills are usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life.

Any skill that is useful in your life can be considered a life skill.

Life skills are the skills we need to deal effectively with the challenges in everyday life, whether at school, at work or in our personal lives.

“Manners are important – ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ should be learnt at an early age and endears them to others. Table manners – don’t slurp, use your cutlery properly and absolutely no farting at the table.”

There are some skills in life that everyone seems to know!

1. Obviously, people weren’t born knowing how to take care of themselves. 2. Here are some of the most basic life skills!

Now is the time to learn the following life skills, if you haven’t already!

  • Home and Personal Care Skills
  • Make a meal How to use basic kitchen appliances
  • Wash/Dry clothes
  • Make a bed How to properly
  • Clean a toilet, shower, bathroom, etc
  • Set an alarm and wake yourself up on time
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol
  • Be sexually responsible…

Life-Management and Organisation Skills

  • Create a budget
  • Keep your nuances records organised
  • Organise all passwords, accounts and important documents in a safe place
  • Use a credit card responsibly,
  • Avoiding debt
  • When/how to pay taxes
  • Time management
  • Keep a daily calendar
  • Address an envelope
  • Write a check
  • Pack smarter…

Professional Skills

  • Write a resume
  • Draft a cover letter
  • Write thank-you notes
  • Network How to
  • Say “no,” respectfully
  • How to ask for help
  • Be open-minded
  • Accept constructive criticism…

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